A new space for an urban community

Kerry Boettcher
Wednesday 20 May 2015

GRAFT and Kleihues + Kleihues, along with the Cooperative for Urban Creativity have developed a complex of buildings that address contemporary social, economic and ecological concerns

The architects’ vision was to create an inspirational and lively place which facilitates the relationship between work and living as well as between public and private life. The Eckwerk complex reflects the nature of its urban surroundings, in particular, the Stadtbahnviadukt, which runs through the centre of Berlin. The base of the Eckwerk aligns with the streets around it, and follows the viaduct upwards in topographic steps. 

The architects say that they were, “inspired by the materiality and the form language of the viaduct, a place of interaction which goes beyond the building itself is created between the latter and the pedestal in the form of an alley from which the main entrances can be reached and from which public functions can be accessed.”

The pedestal elevates the main level to the same height as the viaduct, providing views out over the water. On the pedestal there are five individual towers, providing highly flexible surfaces which can be used either for working or living. 

There is a terraced landscape covered by a climate shell made of steel and glass, sheltering a multi-storey marketplace with potential for co-working spaces as well. 

The five towers are interconnected by a ‘mountain trail’, with views of the surrounding area. The trail meanders through spaces of topically different design where people can walk or relax. Through their wooden façade, the towers appear light and changeable, in contrast to the solid heavy materials of the pedestal. 

Inside, the floor plans and facades are based on a modular design to allow for flexibility and adaptation. 

This complex addresses the need for new spaces for urban communities, which allows for modification of spaces in the future. 

Kerry Boettcher

News editor

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