A school leading by design

Kerry Boettcher
16 Apr 2015

A new dual-purpose facility by ThomsonAdsett for a girls’ school in Brisbane has set a leading example for future-proofed, flexible education design

The Cruci Building at Loreto College in Brisbane, designed by ThomsonAdsett, opened in October 2014 as a new year-level facility, which will eventually be expanded to form a performing arts theatre.

The innovative building incorporates modern teaching and learning technology into the design, and makes best use of the available campus area. The versatile design offers a variety of multipurpose spaces that overlap teaching, learning and performance functionalities. Writable surfaces and wireless technology enable student ‘thinking’ to be displayed, which together with moveable furniture, allows for flexibility of layout. 

A curved bronze screen and different sized breakout areas influence the form of the building, with standard verandas and bag racks making way to flexible learning and social outdoor spaces. The future theatre functions include a large multipurpose ground level space, which will eventually act as a theatre foyer, and lift and kitchen which have been strategically planned to maximise agility and service operations and future intermissions respectively.

Cheryl Hamilton, Loreto College Principal has said: “The curved screen and waved seating provides learning and social spaces to which the students are instinctively drawn to gather. With its soft filtered light and gentle curves, the screen has a calm beauty about it which adds greatly to the pleasing aesthetics of this unique learning environment.”

Graham Legerton, ThomsonAdsett Group Director added: “The screen references a front of house curtain with a delicacy, serenity and form that has been sculpted to frame and create variable sized learning settings, whilst realising a memorable sense of arrival.”

Kerry Boettcher

News editor

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