A shoppers paradise in Oslo

Kerry Boettcher
Friday 06 Mar 2015

Schmidt hammer lassen architects have won the competition to design a new retail and office complex in historic Oslo city centre

Schmidt Hammer Lassen beat five other proposals with its strong and innovative design that enhances the existing urban qualities of the area.

The design consists of an interconnected building structure in which the upper floors are divided into smaller building elements. In the centre of the complex there will be a public space – an urban landscape planted with tall slender pine trees. From the street the building opens up and allows access for pedestrians through passages and shortcuts through the complex.

“We have designed a project that creates a synergy between the building’s daily users, the visitors to the many shops and restaurants, and the people who simply pass through the neighbourhood,” explains schmidt hammer lassen senior partner Kristian Lars Ahlmark. “With our proposal, we are turning the building’s various functions and the site’s complex typography into the focal point of the project: stairs for sitting, sloping surfaces, openings between building levels, the cuttings, the urban landscape and the atrium courtyards will all help to create new connections between the building and urban life, and will add a whole new dynamic to the historic part of Oslo.”

The complex will consist of bot retail space and commercial premises on the lower floors, while the upper floors consist of flexible office space, some with access to roof terraces with views over the city. The offices will open up onto a common lobby, with access to meeting rooms, and open atriums where employees can choose to meet and work. 

“The unique location deserves a building design that respects Oslo’s history and Scandinavian aesthetics, and therefore we made sure that our design creates dialogue with the site contact,” explains founding partner John Foldbjerg Lassen. “The office areas are of a modern and robust design with a high level of quality and are designed to make maximum use of daylight conditions, as well as offering spectacular views of the Oslo skyline and fjord.”

It is truly an award winning design that Is not only practical, but beautiful – a very Scandinavian trait!


Kerry Boettcher

News Editor

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