New vision for the prestigious Faste Batteri site in Copenhagen

Arkitema Architects Communication
03 Mar 2015

Arkitema Architects have been selected as principal architects for the plan for the Faste Batteri

The Faste Batteri site at Islands Brygge, is the latest endeavour in Copenhagen for a green city park, two tall towers and eight residential blocks. Arkitema Architects have been selected as principal architects for the new plan for the Faste Batteri  and have also won the design competition for one of the towers.

A green and sustainable district, the vision for the development of the Faste Batteri site is to create a reinterpretation of the familiar Copenhagen inner-city areas, and at the same time add a vibrant, inner green world on a human scale: a green oasis, which, besides its obvious recreational and aesthetic qualities, will also integrate ambitious sustainability initiatives. In case of heavy rain, the landscaping has been designed so that any excess rainwater will be channelled to overflow basins on the site, and from there to the harbour.

The landscaping plan has been jointly developed by Tredje Natur and Arkitema Architects, while Arkitema Architects are independent architects for one of the towers. Besides the green city park and the tower designed by Arkitema Architects, the project also encompasses eight residential blocks and another tower. A place for the city and the citizens Along with the characterful green walkways, the two distinctive towers will help to form the identity of Faste Batteri. Here, the public will be invited in to the car-free greenways, which will also comprise a missing piece in Copenhagen’s bicyle path network. The plan covers 125,000m² in all, mainly divided into residential and commercial property. The homes will constitute most of the buildings, and the level of diversity in the residences is high, from small flats to three-storey terraced houses and exclusive high-rise apartments with views right across Copenhagen.

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