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Monday 09 Feb 2015

Intelligent colour coding streamlines mail collection

Colour plays such an important part in architecture in such times of innovation and pushing boundaries, no more so than in specific detail that can enhance the most functional of products, and add interest and cohesion to important space.

For 30 years now The Safety Letterbox Company have been leading the way in mailbox design in the UK, supplying the UK housebuilders and developers and also many high profile sites internationally including the Burj Khalifa, Dubai with high end bespoke solutions to suit the most discerning clients and designers.

The core of the business manufactures over 130 models of mail and parcel boxes to the construction industry and even in the most standard of applications the use of colour is paramount.

Use of colour is not just aesthetic but can provide a functional purpose; for example in student accommodation and commercial office projects it identifies the floors or blocks of the accommodation. It can also be used to link with corporate branding e.g. in the stunning high end VITA student projects all sites have stainless and white mailboxes with a splash of red to fit in with their strong brand, providing maximum identity and attention to detail.

Apartments also can colour code their floors with colour used in a more subtle and contemporary way by means of use of matt and gloss to compliment the surrounding materials.

"The last few years has seen a distinct shift in the use of multi colours and finishes within our mailboxes to complement its surroundings," Alison Orrells MD states. "We first started working with architects many years ago, suggesting ways to push the boundaries in creating a visually stimulating arrangement of mailboxes to adorn the communal areas often located in the entrance areas of developments. Now we are continually asked for new and exciting arrangements, and as we manufacture and paint in-house we can turn virtually any vision into reality."

Mixing RAL colours on doors, letterflaps, surrounds, engraving and supports are all ways in which SLB can individualise a bank of boxes to suit a site profile. Both matt and gloss finishes are available including metallic finishes. Mixing mediums of stainless steel and polyester powder coated products can provide interest and impact.

Due to a dedicated R&D team and total manufacturing capabililties SLB can produce solutions to suit your site profile, location and budget. Alternative finishes are also available, the use of wood and stainless steel has also become an interesting feature. Also the simple process of numbering mailboxes - another area that has become design led and innovative - such attention to detail is taking such simplicity to another level.

Alison continues: "We push boundaries in the world of mailboxes and love a challenge - we are passionate about producing statements of the future and colour is an effective way to make a statement."

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