"What's a Guggenheim?" Symposium

Friday 06 Feb 2015

Sci-Arc, L.A. discusses the six finalists in the Helsinki Guggenheim competition

Last week, World Architecture News was at Southern California Institute of Architecture “Sci-Arc”. The iconic school of Architecture held an evening Symposium titled “What’s a Guggenheim” to discuss the results of the latest Guggenheim Helsinki competition and to debate how the Guggenheim’s Foundation’s role in re-inventing the contemporary museum experience since the mid 20th century and well in to the 21st

The event was moderated by Cultural Studies Coordinator Todd Gannon. Nine panellists and faculty members of Sci-Arc participated in the animated discussion in keeping with the ethos of the school. Participants presented their competition proposals. The symposium debated Sci-Arc’s “unapologetic” approach to architecture that empathises on form to produce iconic buildings, the jury’s statement that highlighted how the six finalists expanded the concept of a museum and its vital interaction with the city of Helsinki.

The Guggenheim Foundation has recently revealed the finalists of its open invitation Guggenheim Helsinki competition. The foundation received a staggering 1,715 submissions for the first stage of the competition.

The Sci-Arc exhibition and Symposium featured design proposals by Eric Owen Moss Architects, Hernan Diaz Alonso (Xefirotarch), Griffin Enright Architects, Hodgetts + Fung, Jones, Partners: Architecture, Oyler Wu Collaborative, Pita & Bloom, Russell Thomsen (Idea Office) and Tom Wiscombe Architecture.

Katerina Hojgrova


US West Coast Correspondent

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