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Tuesday 20 Jan 2015

AART Architects & Kraftværk As and Amin Taha Architects' winning projects for new residential developments

Congratulations to the winners of the WAN Residential Award! The Waterfront Phase one in Stavanger, Norway, designed by AART Architects and Kraftværk As was the winning entry in the subcategory for Completed Projects. Hyde Park in London, United Kingdom, by Amin Taha Architects Ltd was selected as the winning project in the Future Projects subcategory.

Judges Bernard Duffy of Aecom, Brendon Moss of Qatari Diar, David Lawrence of Flanagan Lawrence, David Twohig of Battersea Park Development Company and Luke Tozer of Pitman Tozer Architects, used their experience to assess the 24 long-listed projects in the Completed Projects subcategory.

The Waterfront was designed as one of the largest wooden residential developments in Europe. This 19,500 sq m project is located in Stavanger, Norway and includes 128 flats. These flats range from 44 to 225 sq m and are diverse in size, shape and height. Also, shops and cafes are included in this development. Phase one was completed in July 2014, phase two will be completed in 2015.

David Lawrence stated: “Architecturally this one stands apart. In terms of its relationship to its site it seems to work extremely well, and the use of materials works exceptionally well and the quality of space is extremely good.” David Twohig commented: “Strong urban design and relation to the waterfront. Rich architectural expression as a result of both the engaging building form and the use of a timber which humanises the building.”

The judging session for the future projects subcategory took place in Los Angeles, with judges Kevin Daly of Kevin Daly Architects, Sharon McHugh, Architect, Planner & Design Educator (working remotely) and Lorcan O'Herlihy of LOHA. They chose Hyde Park by Amin Taha Architects as the winner of this subcategory.

This development consists of 50 residential apartments, a restaurant and retail at the ground floor level, a spa and a swimming pool, a 200 seat performance space and 60 car parking spaces. In brief, a versatile development.

Kevin said: “it’s a super tricky project. A Victorian fever dream, with enough digital technology to come true. Those screens are both an apparition and a building envelope. It’s a missing piece that never was.” Lorcan thought it was a fascinating project. “It’s very unique, when you look at the detail, very contemporary and very nice.”

Thank you to all who participated in this exciting category, and also to the judges who used their knowledge and expertise to assess all the projects!

Janet Dounen

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