The highest point for Hodgetts + Fung

19 Jan 2015

A new project for the Jesuit Chapel has been completed in California.

Architectural firm Hodgetts + Fung has recently completed the Jesuit High School Chapel in Sacramento, California, U.S.
The chapel is positioned as the new apex for the Jesuit High School campus, becoming an integral piece to the overall master plan of the school.
The placement and design of the chapel reflect its importance as the signature building for the Jesuit High School, maintaining a visual presence to the general community.

The orientation of the building directs the highest point of the roof towards the student arrival area.
Entrances are defined by a change in material and lowered ceilings: The student entrance is orientated along the main plaza, where the lowest point of the roof is connected to the existing campus. The public entrance is at the North West corner directed towards the parking lot. A small raised exterior foyer marks this entrance for ceremonial occasions.

The design for the Jesuit Chapel is intended to create a contemplative journey for each student. The simple geometry and limited material palette of the chapel creates the entrances and gathering spaces for students. The gentle curves of the drives and pathways act as an extension of the existing campus. This extension embraces the plaza and a wooden field that enclose the space for the chapel.

On the south side of the chapel a coloured glass façade offers a glimpse of the atrium to viewers, while large cement panels define the east and west walls, acting as a link to the roof above. A slim tower, with a simple cross, pierces the roof and will be visible from both the campus and the surrounding area.

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