A Pond Full of Ink

Wednesday 07 Jan 2015

The exhibition on the work of the Dutch artist, illustrator and writer Sieb Posthuma, ‘A Pond Full of Ink', was compiled and designed by Ira Koers and Roelof Mulder.  

The pair totally transformed the two rooms of the exhibition space in the Letterkundig Museum in The Hague for a large-scale presentation of 240 small and exquisite drawings by illustrator Sieb Posthuma.

Partitioning walls have been constructed in front of the original walls of the two rooms, with openings and built-in lighting for showing blowups, photographs and creating playful objects for children. Specially designed furniture for reading aloud has been placed in the middle of the rooms, with all of Sieb Posthuma's illustrated books embedded in the furniture waiting to be read.  

In front of the elongated hall with doorways, nine cabinets have been inventively placed between the columns. Each of the cabinets has its own entrance and is also connected by an enfilade. The height of the openings of the enfilade has been lowered to 140cm, thus allowing young visitors to take a different route through the exhibition to the adults. This makes the architecture itself one of the many adventurous features of the exhibition.

The design for each cabinet was inspired by a book or theme from the work of Sieb Posthuma. All of the walls and floors are covered with prints of illustrations, characters and examples of the illustrative techniques used by Posthuma. The prints also contain quotations and captions and serve as a backdrop for Posthuma's original, framed illustrations. Playful objects have been placed in each cabinet so that children can actively participate in the exhibition.

Walking in the cabinets and glimpsing all nine of them through the enfilade gives you a good idea of Sieb Posthuma's total oeuvre: it is as if you walk through his books and become part of the illustrations.

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