WAN Residential Award 2014 Shortlist

Tuesday 06 Jan 2015

12 fantastic entries selected for the WAN Residential Award shortlist

With no less than 79 entries this year, the WAN Residential Award 2014 was a great success. Out of all these entries, two long-lists were made in the award sub-categories: completed projects and future projects.

Judges Bernard Duffy of Aecom, Brendon Moss of Qatari Diar, David Lawrence of Flanagan Lawrence, David Twohig of Battersea Park Development Company and Luke Tozer of Pitman Tozer Architects, used their experience to assess the 24 long-listed projects in the Completed Projects sub-category. And here are the finalists:

Abode at Great Kneighton Phase 1, designed by Proctor & Matthews. The project was completed in June 2014, and is the initial phase of a large development to the new Addenbrookes Medipark. The architects used a simple and controlled palette of materials throughout their work. Luke Tozer's reaction on the project was: "The context of trying to extend Cambridge is very sympathetic." David Lawrence also appreciated the project and said: "It is very well presented and it looks good. It seems to be executed well, the way that it is built and the architecture. The residence in general looks gelled together."

The second residence on the short list is 1221 Broadway by Lake|Flato Architects and is located in San Antonio, United States. David Twohig recognises this project for reuse of the superstructure: "This could be used as a leading example for the redevelopment of buildings where construction is stalled as part of the global economic crisis in 2008." Bernard Duffy commented: "They have really kept everything exposed. It's a great before and after story. It would have been so much easier to just flatten it and start again with something else, but they have worked with it. It feels really clever." David added: "They created some really vibrant spaces and a little community."

Next was NEO Bankside designed by Rogers Stirk Harbour and Partners and located in London, United Kingdom. The building comprises 217 residential units in four buildings. Brendon said: "It's an effective way of getting a lot of people on the site." David Lawrence added: "It's a beautifully engineered building." David Twohig's comment was: "The urban realm has been designed so that it is open to public and animated rather than the global persuasion towards gated communities. In addition, the quality of design and finishing merits acknowledgment."

Also added to the shortlist was The Stack by Gluck+. Brendon's first reaction was: "That's amazing!" David Lawrence pointed out that the Stack has got some really interesting ideas about delivering low cost housing, using a prefabricated system that works very effectively saying: "It's interesting actually, because with these modular designs, it's often difficult to break through the tyranny of that construction, and here, particularly with the largest spaces with the living room, they have managed to break out of it."

Another exciting project that the judges liked was Edison Residence, designed by KANVA. This student housing project is located in Montreal, Canada. Luke was positive about the materials used here and Bernard said: "That's a really cool residence, I like it!" David Lawrence stated: "It's for the right reasons and it's delivered very well. It's a nice, interesting and unique idea and it's picking up the history of the site." Brendon added: "It has quality spaces within."

The last shortlisted project in the Completed Projects sub-category is the Waterfront by AART architects. This is one of the largest wooden residential developments in Europe, and is located in Stavanger, Norway. Bernard was impressed: "Very different than what we have seen in terms of external space. Very smart." David Lawrence mentioned that the building looks well detailed and well resolved. David Twohig stated: "Strong urban design and relation to the waterfront. Rich architectural expression as a result of both the engaging building form and the use of a timber which humanises the building."

The judging session for the future projects category took place in Los Angeles, with judges Kevin Daly, Sharon McHugh (working remotely) and Lorcan O'Herlihy. They selected the following projects for the future projects shortlist:

35XV, designed by FXFOWLE and located in New York. Both Kevin and Lorcan liked the idea of the base up, the higher part of the building and how they tried to connect both parts of the building.

"The skin of the building is interesting. It's a nice interior." Sharon commented: "The façade is faceted, interesting, and qualitatively better than the typical New York apartment Building. The building form creates a strong identity at the street level and in the sky. The proposed materials are of high quality and the building seems elegantly detailed."

The second project on the future projects shortlist is Hyde Park by Amin Taha Architects Ltd. This residence is located in London, United Kingdom. Lorcan stated: "This one can be so fascinating. It's unique, when you look at the detail, very contemporary and very nice." Sharon was also positive about the project: "This is a modern and inventive way to deal with new structures in heritage districts."

The next project is Yongsan International Business District "Project 6", designed by REX Architecture and located in Seoul, Korea. It is described as an urban boutique residence for short-term business people, young urban professionals and foreign students. Sharon stated that there is not much like this in the world, and that the project is truly ground breaking: "It proposes something new for high-end, high density housing that could have future application to affordable housing and to other dense communities across the globe." Lorcan said: "As a concept, it's extraordinary and strong."

City & Liberty, designed by Stiff+Trevillion is a residence located in London, United Kingdom. The scheme is 180,000 square feet and will provide 160 flats, of which 38 will be affordable. "Those diagrams are good, I like the texturing," Kevin said. Lorcan added: "The quality is interesting and it's very rational." Sharon stated: "These two new proposed structures fit like a glove into the neighbourhood, respecting the existing context, scale and materiality of the district. It appears the buildings will be well crafted and thoughtfully detailed."

The fifth selected project is Mongkok Residence, designed by Aedas and located in Hong Kong. Sharon called the residence "a beautiful high density building with an interesting silhouette." Afterwards, Lorcan added: "I can see it working, the shift to the angle is interesting."

The last project that has been shortlisted in the future projects sub-category is Gardens - Elderly Centre designed by Marge Arkitekter. It's a care centre for the elderly in Örebro, Sweden. The proposal made it possible for the elderly to enter the gardens directly. Kevin thought that the project is well-planned. Sharon commented: "If you think about Sweden as one of the coldest places, they have addressed this factor quite nicely by incorporating greenhouses as public gathering space. This is a fairly dense, single building that merges well with the landscape. The architects have used pattern, different size openings and a varied silhouette to break down the building mass into manageable bits."

Congratulations to all who made it to the shortlist. Thank you to those who entered this category and to the judges for using their knowledge and expertise to assess the projects. The overall winner of each sub-category will be announced on Tuesday, January 20th, in News Review.

Janet Dounen

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