Hockney painting inspires residences

Wednesday 17 Dec 2014

Tony Owen designs a new centrepiece for Mooloolaba inspired by Pool with 2 Figures

In designing Aqua Mooloolaba, Tony Owen Partners sought to design a memorable centrepiece for the Australian suburb; a building that would redefine the image of the town and become the new focus and centre of the town during the tourist season but also year round. In order to do this the team reached for a single image that would unify the design and the development as a single powerful statement.

The inspiration for the design came originally from David Hockney’s Pool with 2 Figures painted in 1972. In particular Tony Owen Partners were drawn to the patterns of the ripples in the water as the unifying element in the design of this hotel and residential development. This is carried through the design from the patterning on the façade, the shape of the tower and even the ground paving pattern which unifies the public domain.

At the same time, the team looked to the nearby Glass House Mountains for inspiration for the massing. The site is the most significant remaining site in Mooloolaba and with the inclusion of the large portion of public domain will have absolute beach frontage. The development looks to shift the gravity of the town towards this point.

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