Lotus inspires smooth lines of hotel

Wednesday 10 Dec 2014

Samoo-designed Myanmar Yangon Hotel takes it cue from important local imagery

A major hotel complex designed by Samoo Architects & Engineers in collaboration with POSCO A&C is currently under construction in Yangon, Myanmar. Consisting of a 15-storey luxury hotel and a 29-storey extended stay hotel, the complex will provide more than 660 rooms for Myanmar which is on the rise with recent economical developments.

Located between Yangon International Airport and downtown Yangon, the site is just 5km from the famous Shwedagon Pagoda and commands a splendid view of the adjacent Inya Lake. Inspired by the great nature of Myanmar, the design team focused on creating a landmark that would harmonize with the natural surroundings while providing a new level of convenience for its guests.

Deriving from a design motif of Lotus which is a symbol of sentiment and culture of Myanmar, natural linear curves of the Lotus were applied to the facade as well as the design identity of the hotel complex. The unique orientation of the two hotel towers allow maximum views of the Inya lake as well as the Shwedagon Pagoda and opens up a viewing corridor from the access road to the hotel complex.

In the lower podium, grand ballrooms, lobby, lounges and restaurants are located with accessibility and views to the lake as well. Scheduled for completion at the end of 2016, the hotel complex has been designed to become a major landmark and an essential asset to the city of Yangon.

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