C.F. Møller-led team for CBS

03 Dec 2014

Extensive urban spaces anchor new campus for Copenhagen Business School

The team of C.F. Møller, C.F. Møller Landscape, Transform and Moe has won a design competition to expand the Copenhagen Business School (CBS) with a new urban campus. The scheme will expand the CBS with a range of new buildings however the focus will be on the creation of green urban spaces.

Julian Weyer, Partner at C.F. Møller, explains: “One of the strategies in the master plan is that the new buildings will cover a relatively small land area to allow as much space as possible for urban spaces and urban life. Clusters of compact, multi-functional buildings with green roof areas create essentially versatile spaces where outdoor spaces converge.”

Situated in the Frederiksberg district above new and old metro lines, the university is looking to the new campus to attract an influx of high calibre students. The green campus will be populated with buildings of ‘high architectural quality’ and a level of flexibility will be retained so that the design expression can be altered in coming years.

The design applies the Green Building Council Denmark criteria and incorporates elements such as recreational rainwater processing methods. It also meets the financial, environmental and social elements laid out by the council.

Weyer continues: "For us, this project is all about encompassing sustainability and creating integrated teaching, research and study environments in exciting combinations with external functions in the district, in terms of urban design and in the design of the new buildings, which cover an area of 31,000 sq m.

"Frederiksberg's traditional role as a knowledge centre will be passed on to CBS and the university will contribute to the general development and growth of the capital city. It is important that we grasp this historical opportunity to create a unified campus, which, in terms of urban and landscape planning and architectonic value, will be comparable to universities like Oxford, Harvard, Cambridge and Aarhus." 

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