80,000 sq m office scheme for Shekou

Thursday 20 Nov 2014

Six-tower office complex pitch sees Rocco Design Architects win invited competition

Rocco Design Architects Limited has been announced as the winner of an invited competition to design a grand office development on a 27,777 sq m plot of land in Shekou, Shenzhen. The development will create 80,000 sq m of commercial space in a complex that looks to ‘energise’ this area of the city.

The site is divided into two lots with each designated plot featuring three towers of differing heights to create a dynamic aesthetic. The boundaries of the building footprints will form the definition of the development edge.

At the core of this commercial development is a series of open-air communal spaces such as streets, courtyards and plazas. Renderings show mature trees and lush carpets of grass sandwiched between the tower blocks, brought to life with seating areas and wide stairways.

Rocco Design Architects Limited says of the winning concept: “The proposed development will ultimately generate a sustainable, livable and humane office and commercial precinct and energize this highly developing area of Shekou in the long run.”


Client: China Merchants Shekou Industrial Zone Co., Ltd
Architects: Rocco Design Architects Limited
Project Team: Rocco Yim, William Tam, Yip Kit Man, Pun Hiu Ting

Key Facts:

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