Cylindrical concept maximises sightlines

Wednesday 19 Nov 2014

Atelier Thomas Pucher ZT takes first place in Viertel Zwei Plus housing competition

Atelier Thomas Pucher has won the first prize in invited competition ‘Wien Viertel Zwei Plus - Construction site 2'. The site is the meeting place of different urban realms, green and built areas, and the historic and modern parts of the city - it is a dynamic example of the modern patchwork city.

The design looks to accommodate this unique situation and harness the aesthetics of the site to create a blended architectural gesture. The design by Atelier Thomas Pucher ZT loosely arranges round-structured buildings to open many lines of sight between the adjacent districts. The result is an urban porosity that encourages interaction between the neighbourhoods.

The round shape of the houses grants each apartment views in several directions as each apartment is technically a ‘Corner Flat’ with optimal exposure. A ring of different terraces such as French balconies, raised beds, terraces and two-storey loggias surround the apartments, and maximize the residential quality of the zone.

When completed the project will encompass a total floor area of 23,500 sq m divided into 7 houses with 4-10 storeys, in total offering 201 apartments plus a business start-up centre with office space.


Client: IC Projektentwicklung
Architects: Atelier Thomas Pucher
Team: Thomas Pucher, Erich Ranegger, Robert Lamprecht, Marko Acimovic, Nemanja Kocic, Alberto Blanco-Vincente, Patrick Hemetsberger, Hannes Stöffler, Dominik Zach, Monika Kowaluk.
Project Leader: Robert Lamprecht
Renderings: Lukas Gac

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