Having founded and run a digital publication for nine years, it’s clearly irrational that the arrival of a 3kg hardback book on my desk should cause so much excitement.

But a book that hefts in at over 14 Kindles and is bursting with 463 pages of inspiration is clearly a book with attitude. We’re used to seeing architectural coffee table tomes pass through the WAN office but this new arrival is full of contradictions; its subject is not the run of the mill Parisian Interiors as would be expected by the cut of its jib. This book has gone large to celebrate small. 

Welcome to the world of Cabins, curated by Philip Jodido and published by Tashen.

There’s something deeply appealing about cabins, like a crackling fire, the distillation of essential creature comforts from our ‘sophisticated’ modern lives down to the basics; protection from the elements while at the same time keeping in touch with them.

This book is also something of a Tardis, drawing the reader into its ethereal world of small buildings through an amazing array of 61 diverse projects,  beautifully portrayed by a playful mix of stunning photographs and illustrations. The illustrations play a dominant part in the reading experience both helping to portray the cabins primary elements but also to fuel the romance and fantasy of living in the woods unencumbered by reality.

For an architect, this book must be a compelling source of inspiration. All of the cabins being understandable structures, celebrating simplicity of design, celebrating wood, celebrating good design.

Cabin Fever was never so good.

Michael Hammond

Cabins by Philip Jodido
Illustrations by Cruschiform
Published by Tashen

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