Modern residences with Med roots

Wednesday 05 Nov 2014

Traditional Mediterranean housing re-imagined in 100% recyclable, prefab form

‘Unboxed’, designed by Micaela Colella and Maurizio Barberio, is the wooden transposition of the typical characters of the Mediterranean house, as a valid alternative to masonry or frame structure buildings.

The house is likely to be placed in the beautiful town of Polignano a Mare, Apulia. The high standardization of the modules and their total prefabrication allow to a easy variation on the standard form. This goal is achieved by splitting the building into several basic structural elements designed to be mounted with all the finishes and without thermal bridges.

Unboxed is 100% recyclable. It is also completely removable - thus movable - thanks to an innovative foundation made of steel, which allows a reduction in or elimination of excavation. A low inclination roof on the top (5%) allows the installation of solar roof tiles (Tegosolar technology), capable of producing electricity and heat.

The residence has a clear division between the living and the sleeping area with a glazed corridor/entrance in the middle, re-establishis contact with the surrounding environment at each passage.


Firm: Barberio Colella ARC
Project Leader: Micaela Colella
Principal Architect: Maurizio Barberio

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