Flashes of Light

Wednesday 29 Oct 2014

Benjamin Garcia Saxe Architecture gives international student workshop, resulting in two stunning projects

The summer workshop given by the architecture practice at the Universidad Veritas in San José, Costa Rica allowed students to gain real-life experience in the possibilities and limitations of materials and their capacity to create space and human reactions.

The two projects chosen from 31 proposals show how creativity can be used to generate profound and wonderful spaces even with limited resources. Both were built using ‘incredibly cheap material" in a two-week timeframe, the firm said.

"It was important for us that the students could prove their ideas and concepts through the 1:1 scale and that they would discover intuitively the real proportion and capability of materials to generate sensations. It was also important for the workshop to discover the relationship between built spaces and their surroundings, thus learning to determine the reaction of the natural and built world to their creations," the practice added.

The two built projects were installed in the natural environment of a local park and later placed inside the public plaza of the university. The resulting spaces were unexpected, surreal, and definitively more profound than expected. Furthermore, the projects gave the students a real understanding of the essence of space, which they will be able to take with them through the rest of their lives and into their professional practice.

‘Cascades of Light' invites the visitor to escape the city into an alternate fictional world, a world which changes as the wind blows and where plays of light on the threads caught between the frames create a changing landscape".

The second project - 'Hidden Flashes' - invites us to question what could be hiding inside. The solid, natural and warm object has soft lines, a symmetrical composition and plotted openings through which small rays of light peek in.

"The thrill of slipping between pointillism in each sharp element contrasts with the tranquillity and passivity of light reflected in its shadow; a double-faced complexity," the architects said.

Project team
Universidad Veritas (Costa Rica)
Workshop: Building the Essence (Construyendo la Esencia)
Tutors: Benjamin Garcia Saxe and Laura Morelli
Students: Sophia Montero Delgado, María José Gutiérrez Nigro, Amy Ellis Wegley, Silvia Campos Jiménez, Alonso Rodríguez Alvarado, José Esteban Vásquez Barquero, Jackeline Sanabria Rojas, Daniela Aguilar Quesada, Estrella Salas Araya, María José Mena Guerrero, Ana Laura San Martín Cruz, Carlos Vinocour Álvarez, María José Fonseca Montalto, Javier Esquivel Isern, Jose Alonso Gamboa Amador, Diana Quesada Pizarro, Julien Morel, Mayline García Fernández, Melisa Corrales Morera, Daniela Castro López, Lissa Barquero Carranza, Jose Pablo Segura Matamoros, Christian Gómez Durán, Priscilla Gutiérrez Chaves, Jose Mario Rojas Murillo, Javier Vargas Jara, María José Álvarez Tacsan, Natalia Andrea Currea Herrera, Andrea Calvo Méndez , Andrea Porras Castro, Mariela Muñoz Alguera, María José Murillo Poblador
Photo Credits: Andres Garcia Lachner


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