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Thursday 23 Oct 2014

Marc Fornes, Jana Winderen create ultra-thin spatial 'envelope' for NY storefront

Situation Room is a collaborative installation by architect Marc Fornes, founder of Theverymany, and artist Jana Winderen, commissioned by the Storefront for Art and Architecture in New York City on the occasion of the launch of the World Wide Storefront.

The self-supporting, neon-pink ultra-thin structure designed by Fornes is augmented by Winderen's engineered sounds, inviting visitors to question both their surroundings and the properties of matter. The twenty different-sized spheres combine to create a spatial "envelope of experiential tension", a sort of sublime interaction between the comfort of the known and an uneasy relationship with the unknown. A series of transducers and lighting sources play out through apertures derived from structural stress flows across the elements, animating the structure and creating a beautiful, yet somewhat unsettling, effect.

"The envelope is created out of boolean operations merging the spheres and lending rigidity through the inherent double curvature, while best allowing for storage through nesting of incremental radii. The inverted curvature of smoothed sphere-intersections provide additional reinforcement while blending with a series of internal rhizomatic networks derived from convergent sphere points.

"The internal networks subdivide and recombine, eventually resolving into columns that carry down-loads to the ground. The apparent complexity of the internal morphology is a direct result of the dense aggregate of spheres, creating a rich repertoire of spatial conditions exemplified by compression/expansion, hierarchies and branching, knotting, coves, etc.," Fornes explains.

Sound adds to the spatial experience, with ten channels of resonant sounds propagated across the structural surface - operating here as a membrane for distributed transducers.

All the component parts are unified and amalgamated through a coat of neon-effect, blurring one's perception of the known.

The installation can be viewed until 21 November.

Sound composition: Jana Winderen
Computation/Assembly: Marc Fornes / Theverymany
Fabrication: bengal.fierro
Commissioned by: Storefront for Art and Architecture, with the support of Robert Rauschenberg Foundation


Key Facts:

United States
Commercial Retail

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