Leafing through the skies

Aedas creates holistic ‘palm tree' community in Jakarta

by Sian 15 October 2014
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    Centrally located between Jakarta's city centre and the international airport, Ciputra International, designed by international architecture practice Aedas, will set a new benchmark for premium development in the city.

    The masterplan consists of a mixed development of six office towers, three high-rise apartments, a retail complex and a five-star hotel with ballroom facilities, all connected via a ring boulevard with lush landscaping that cascades down to a central open plaza.

    Designed by Steven Thor, Aedas' Executive Director, the organic forms and masterplan derived their inspiration from a palm leaf motif. Buildings are progressively positioned in an outward manner to maximise porosity and views and allow prevailing winds to flow through the development to keep it cool and comfortable.

    Inspired by the leaf's feathery, the open structure allows it to withstand strong winds and efficiently channel water into the heart of the ‘palm tree'. The boulevard represents the sturdy stem from which the leaves are attached just as the buildings and their roadways connect to the central axis for clarity and ease of connectivity.

    The architecture is contemporary and progressive, with a landmark gateway at the entrance formed by the five-star hotel and office tower, presenting a bold statement befitting the development.

    Project: Ciputra International
    Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
    Architect: Aedas
    Project Design Director: Steven Thor
    Client: Ciputra Group
    Gross floor area: 430,300 sq m
    Completion year: 2018 (Phase 1)

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