We Are The City

11 Sep 2014

Beijing to hold film festival on architecture and city development later this month

A partnership has been struck between the Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam (AFFR) and Beijing Design Week (BJDW), resulting in the first film festival dedicated to architecture and city development in China. Due to be held during BJDW from 25-28 September, the festival will run under the theme ‘We Are The City’.

The festival will consider the issues China faces in managing the heavy expansion of its megacities through Dutch and Chinese films, screenings of films about urban development around the world, debates hosted in partnership with Tsinghua University, and workshops about film and architecture.

A special film will also be aired daily during the festival, produced in line with the underlying theme ‘We Are The City’. This production considers the parallels between bicycle culture in Amsterdam and Beijing and will be screened on one of the largest projection screens in the city of Beijing.

This is the first event of its kind in Beijing and is intended as the first in an annual series of film festivals as part of this new partnership. During this inaugural festival, the programme will consider three types of city: The Human City; The Commercial City; and The Technological City.

Click here for more information about the film festival. 

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