Disused section of canal to be revamped

Friday 15 Aug 2014

RiF010 Water Sports Arena gains momentum

A comprehensive design and entrepreneurial team has revealed a concept which would transform a ‘forgotten’ section of the Steiger Canal in Rotterdam into a thriving water park. This section of canal between the Hoogstraat and Blaak is currently unused and has been left to fester.

The RiF010 Water Sports Arena would provide naturally-purified water for local people to swim, surf, dive, or kayak in, with a wide range of sports available for all ages and abilities. Renderings also show a series of food and beverage outlets on a terrace surrounding the pool, invigorating the area with new social spaces.

Researchers at Delft University of Technology have been working on a system which will create 1.5m-high waves, each lasting a period of 14 seconds to run the length of the pool. This action would create a more challenging environment for water sport enthusiasts. The water park is due to open to the public in June 2015.

Project team: Paul van Boerdonk; Freek Ruigrok; Jeroen Valkier; Erik de Jong; Edward van Dongen; Klaas-Jan Bernouw; Ronald Wall; Edwin van Viegen; and Hessel Jongebreur.

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