Vivid orange bridge opens in Denmark

14 Aug 2014

'The Bicycle Snake' bridge meanders through Copenhagen, providing a safe and enjoyable alternative for the city's cyclists

Copenhagen residents are making use of a vibrant new bridge designed by DISSING+WEITLING with Rambøll. The team was challenged to present an alternative urban access point for cyclists in the Havneholmen development who were having to carry their bikes up and down a set of stairs to continue their journey.

Rather than fit the basic requirements of the brief, DISSING+WEITLING looked at the wider area and discovered a number of time-consuming and sometimes dangerous obstacles facing the 12,500 cyclists who used this channel on a daily basis.

As such, the team devised a longer bridge system with a slight incline, connecting Havneholmen to Kalvebod Brygge through a meandering course along the shopping centre Fisketorvet. This solution has a less acute incline that the requested ramp, enabling cyclists to enjoy a more leisurely ride.

Another positive element of the design is the creation of sheltered recreations space beneath the bridge, generating a social platform along the quayside at Fisketorvet. Pedestrians are also invited to use the bridge but are kept separate from the cyclists for their own safety.

At 200m in length with 30m of ramp, the bright orange bridge is instantly recognisable within this area of the city. Its steel frame appears light and elegant as its smooth curves snake over the water below, leading to its official name ‘The Bicycle Snake’.

DISSING+WEITLING details: “With the built-in lighting, the bridge is clearly illuminated at night. Furthermore, it enriches the area as a bright visual element in the night… Fisketorvet is now able to use the more quiet area underneath to establish a recreational space. This will eventually heighten the overall quality of the site.”


Client: Municipality of Copenhagen
Architect: DISSING+WEITLING architecture
Engineer: Rambøll
Contractor: MT Højgaard

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