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Thursday 31 Jul 2014

Michael Jantzen's M-velope enables uses to create their own form using hinged panels

In December 2007 WAN featured a modestly-sized shelter by Michael Jantzen entitled M-velope. The architect has now provided images of the completed structure, situated in a grassy expanse dotted with trees.

M-velope is part of a series of functional artworks which offer quiet retreats for passing visitors. The shelters are constructed using environmentally stained wood which has been grown sustainably, and vary in size and shape.

Each shelter has the ability to transform its shape using a plethora of hinged panels which alter the interior light quality and ventilation within the volume. The M-velope’s panels can be folded in or out and are locked in position using pins.

The shelter shown here is approximately 12ft tall and 12ft wide by 20ft long and includes two benches for users to relax and enjoy the quiet space in dappled light. Because the construction system requires little or no foundation, the M-velope can be swiftly assembled in most locations.  

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