Large-scale healthcare steals the show

21 Jul 2014

WAN Healthcare Award category presents three winners for 2014!

For the first year running we are delighted to announce the THREE winners of the WAN Healthcare Award for 2014. Following the 2013 awards, and taking into consideration the amount of healthcare projects that are upgrades or extensions, we decided to incorporate a separate subcategory to accommodate these projects. The three categories are: Built; Unbuilt; and Best Hospital Upgrade.

Joining us on the panel were: Tom Lloyd, Director at PearsonLloyd, a leading innovator in industrial design, who had a sharp eyes for projects that responded to the shifting and future patterns of contemporary life. Judges Laura Lee, one of the founders of Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centres and Duane Passman, Director of 3T's Hospital Redevelopment in the UK were both able to offer insight from their broad patient focused knowledge of hospital and clinic design.

John Hicks, Director, AECOM Global Heath, brought his expertise on the deliverability of projects to the judging panel whilst Paul Monaghan, AHMM and Brian Spence, BAM Architecture Studio, delivered criticisms and insight on architectural intention and the overall success of projects. The range of disciplines and expertise present on the panel meant that more factors were taken into account than would be expected from a traditional architecture awards jury session.

The winner of the Best Hospital Upgrade goes to Shim Sutcliffe with the Sisters of St Joseph in Toronto, Canada. The Sisters were originally from America and travelled north into Canada to start healthcare facilities. These facilities are still part of the healthcare system. The residence was founded to be a community home, ministry and outreach. The jury thought the project was impressive and daring, with Lee commenting that: “It's very brave, very ambitious in a different way.” Passman was also pleased with the scheme, highlighting 'the quite complex façade and wonderful finishing'. The jury thought this unique project had integrity and a holistic approach, a well-deserved place amongst the winners.

The winner of the best Unbuilt healthcare project was awarded to Henning Larsen Architects for the Odense University Hospital & Faculty of Health Sciences in Odense, Denmark. The huge scale healthcare and research facility impressed the panel as somewhere they would really like to visit. The circular design embedded into the Danish countryside inspired our panellist Monaghan to comment that 'I have not seen anything like this, it’s a pretty grand vision for a hospital'. Lee was quick to back him up in saying: “It’s a cultural thing; they are much more community and lifestyle focused in the design." The scheme is orientated around a huge central green space, taking into consideration the local resources and focusing on recreational opportunities for users as well as neighbours. A fantastic vision of what a healthcare facility could be. Lee finished off the evaluation by stating that: “It’s welcoming and holistic in its approach. It’s encouraging too, as a hospital should be more than just a clinical space”.

And finally the winner of the Built category is Atelier PRO Architekten with the Meander Medical Centre in Amersfoort in The Netherlands. This huge project had the jury quiet for the initial few minutes as they evaluated the enormity of the 112,000 sq m hospital focused on patient and visitor, and most of all - flexibility. The central atria and finger-like corridors that spread out to lead to the changeable clinics mean all other healthcare departments are no longer spread across the city; they are centrally located in one easy-to-reach facility. The jury thought this was a huge feat and well deserved the winning spot for several reasons. Lee, started the observations by saying 'it’s a proper city, which is really hard to pull off well'. Monaghan, Hicks and Passman were all very much in agreement, with Monaghan adding that 'it hits some big innovation buttons in terms of workflow of people. Essentially this is a clinical facility but it has definitely got a sense of humanity at the core'.

If you missed the release of the Healthcare Award project gallery, you can visit the WAN AWARDS Healthcare page and view all entries for the 2014 award, HERE.

Faye Chalmers
Awards Manager

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