S Residence

30 Jun 2014

S Residence sits on a sloping plot of land in Hyogo, Japan, in a position exposed to impressive panoramic views; a feature which was of key importance in the design of both the exterior and interior of the house. At the request of the client, designer Soichi Yamasaki of Tokyo-based firm so1architect merged the interior space with the garden, fusing elements of outdoor living with the minimal, contemporary style of the interiors.

Overcoming the height differences of the sloping landscape, raised platforms and podiums were used to act as a link between separate spaces and to provide spatial variation within the property. The subtle changes in floor level serve to distinguish the use of a space, from public to private, with large, open areas off-set against smaller, more intimate ones.

Perhaps the most notable private space within S Residence is the sunken play pen in the living room; Yamasaki's solution for housing the client's three dogs, ensuring they remain integrated in family life yet preventing them from running around the entire house. The stainless steel and wood railings used for the dog pen are scratch-resistant and movable, allowing the client to release the dogs whenever necessary.   

Key Facts

Interior Residential
Hong Kong

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