Fereshtegan shoe group has over 50 years of shoe selling experience, a prominent and recognised brand for the past 15 years, whose name means ‘the angels'.  Emtiaz Group designed their first modern branch in 1998 and they now have 12 stores, each with different internal functions but having a cohesiveness and joined sense of space that allows them to relate to each other.

For a series of new stores, the first based in Shiraz airport, space was needed for VIP customers with golden purchase cards of the brand, making sure they are comfortable and provided with excellent service. The booth devised for this purpose is iconic, inspired by Iranian sculpture in Persepolis as well as Iran's aviation emblem - there is a definite relation to flying in line with its airport setting.

Each booth takes around four months to construct, and there are plans to install them at Tehran, Mashad (Iran) and Milan (Italy) airports soon. The structures will be built in Emtiaz Group's factory, the basic forms constructed from wood and metal with a nano-carbon fiber layer placed on top and strengthened by resin. The nano-carbon layer is low weight with high strength properties. After being built and installed, the booths will then be spray painted. The key designer is Alireza Emtiaz with assistance from Saghar Khakda. 3D design is carried out by Farid Mahboobi

The sculpture each booth is constructed after is ‘Homa', an ancient symbol of flying formed from two phoenixes with their backs to each other. A continuous combined body and rotating walls allows customers to look all around the store. In this way the design is both classic and contemporary, a modernised take on the definitive ‘Homa' sculpture, providing an original and enjoyable shopping experience for regular clients and browsers alike.

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