23 Jun 2014

With an area of 32 sq m Mash is one of the smallest bars in Amsterdam. Offering a very specific range of beers and spirits, the bar is the logical centrepiece of the space. It consists of two parts: a stainless steel segment that contains all operational functions and a white floating bar table. The walls and ceiling are covered with SmartPly to create seating areas and bottle displays on the one hand, and hide beams and columns, air conditioning ducts and the sound-system on the other.

The challenge of the space was not only the small area but also the limited height. Design firm ninetynine wanted to create a cosy bar whilst retaining space and functionality for larger groups to enjoy.

The centre bar-island with the attached floating table top provides a point for guests gather around as they would at a kitchen table. The bar and table top are the only real pieces of furniture in the space, all other functions are carved out of the walls, creating shapes that function as seating and tables. Not having any loose furniture gives the illusion of a much larger space.

To maximise the sense of space, ninetynine has wrapped everything, except the floor, in SmartPly. This way the back bar cabinets, seating blocks, table tops, shelves and even the coves for the HVAC seem concealed when not in use. This leaves the bar and white table top as the main focal points while everything else is wrapped like wall-paper.

The bar shelving is created by rectangular openings in the SmartPly walls. These openings are filled with expanded metal boxes, powder-coated in a rust colour. Each box is equipped with a linear LED lighting, illuminating the glassware. Similar boxes are used to hide HVAC grills and audio speakers. Other wooden shapes function as seating, tables, shelves for glasses, etc.

The walls and ceiling are covered with SmartPly/chipwood. To avoid the associated cheap feel, the boards are completely sealed with a transparent lacquer and used in mitred boxes in order to hide the edges.

Lighting emanates from spotlights along the side walls, linear LED light inside the back bar liquor boxes and a chandelier-like bunch of authentic light bulbs above the bar.


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