Sypialnia, which in Polish means bedroom, is the first project from the Pastel Collection, designed by Karina Wiciak.

The entire collection consists of four conceptual, thematic restaurant interiors, each of which focuses on a different pastel colour through furniture and fittings, each interconnected not only in terms of style but also by name. 

The design of Sypialnia is based on the designer's fantasies and fascination with the use of colour. The author's intention was not to create clichéd or fashionable interiors, but unique spaces which tread the line between architecture and scenography.

The first part of the collection, Sypialnia, was designed in the distinctive pink colour, which is usually associated with kitsch design style, or used in bedrooms for young girls. Stylistically this this was a deliberate choice and was intended to undermine what is currently fashionable and popular.

This interior shows a new approach to design, with a sense of humour, deviating from accepted standards. It violates accepted standards for colours and shapes in modern commercial interiors.

The Sypialnia features furniture and fittings that evoke elements of a traditional bedroom, such as pillows, quilted comforters, and even feathers.

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Wamhouse Sypialnia

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