‘Vim' Health & Sport Centre is a fitness lover's dream, situated on the main road to the sea in Rishon LeZion. The 4400 sq. m health and sports complex has high design in each and every corner, inspired by the rules and standards of yacht design.

Nir Portal Architects treated the huge space as if it were a luxury ship, using a ‘no edge design' to achieve soft interiors. The main challenge was drawing the initial layout, given that it had to have a variety of functions with space for a gym, spa, pool, classrooms, showering areas, a coffee house and offices. The relations between these spaces had to be considered; some to be restricted whilst others like the coffee house designed to be accessible to all.

The lobby is welcoming and large, a ‘city piazza' with connecting ‘streets' - the entrances to the main functions ‘Vim' hosts. It controls access to all other spaces, the main desk inspired by those in hotel lobbies and made of floating milk glass. One of the façades accommodates the coffee house; as in all spaces in ‘Vim', its curved walls allow it to melt into the other spaces.  

Shower and changing areas are conveniently located between the space and gym, with lockers made of walnut wood fitting the irregular shape of the wall which is covered with bisazza mosaic tiles. There are different colours for male and female areas. Each shower has a concrete bench for comfort and there are custom designed shelves that light up in the sink area, adding to the overall atmosphere of the sports centre.

The spinning room is inspired by cycle wheels, designed with a dramatic stretched ‘barisol' ceiling that also lights up. The lights are connected to the sound system and change colour according to the rhythm of the music being played.

The spa has its own reception, acting as an external unit. Again, the design is inspired by yacht interiors, with all the walls of the public areas and corridor covered with white silk curtains. This gives a ceremonial atmosphere and aids the effectiveness of acoustics in the space. A sculptured sofa acts as a communal seating area, giving several options for couples or groups to relax before having their treatment.

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