19 Jun 2014

Spanish creative consultancy Masquespacio presents their latest project based in the city of Bonn, Germany. The project entails both the brand image and interior design for a new take away establishment titled Kessalao, serving Mediterranean food in the city of Beethoven.

The brand and its naming is the foundation of the shop, forming the wordplay of the German ‘Kess' and the Spanish ‘Salao',  both with the meaning of a cool and amusing boy. The brand symbol was inspired by olive oil, as the basic and principal product of Mediterranean food, represented by the drop that interprets the product's natural richness.

The interiors present a space that symbolises the freshness of the brand's name through a range of popular German colours; red as the main colour, with marine blue and yellow to complement and remind the diner of the Mediterranean Sea. Purple adds a strong touch, contrasting with the principal red tone.

Wood from birch veneer was used for the walls and pine for the furniture, offering a natural look to the space. Decorative elements such as those made of raffia for the seats and traditional pots repeatedly lend a Mediterranean touch.  

Metal grates hold magazines, menu cards and the pots, whilst also acting as tables in the store front.  The bars and folding tables were created to make the space adaptable, according to necessity; in this way it can function as a take away service at noon or a small snack bar by night. The finishing touch comes with the coating of raffia used for the barstools. These are also created by Masquespacio and include fixtures for guests to leave jackets and handbags on, further maximising space.  

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