One Percent Showroom

18 Jun 2014

One Percent (1%) is women's clothing brand by a fashion designer Shuhei Ogawa , located in Tomigaya, Shibuya-Ku in Tokyo. The design team at Noiz (led by principal architect Keisuke Toyoda) converted part of their office into a showroom where they present seasonal shows.

The space serves as a background for women's clothing, so the colour is coordinated in calm tones and the pipe chandelier is installed in centre to highlight the space.

The main wall, partition screen and stage are composed of concrete blocks and the joint is finished by mortar, with braying like a finishing putty. The joint finish creates softening effects, giving a feminine touch to the masculine texture of concrete blocks.  

Other elements are painted with pale purple, which is One Percent's brand colour image.

The floor is finished with poured epoxy resin, which gives a sense of flow and reflection as if the space with filled with water.

The adjacent space belongs to the other brand, and Noiz defined the spatial boundary by painting half of the bottom of the beam in pale-purple, which marks the central axis dividing the spaces. In addition, a blue glass partition was installed along the centre of the beam to define the boundary, while maintaining visual connection throughout the entire space.

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