Yume Marche Store

17 Jun 2014

The design was realised for a retail store of a company which runs its own farm, featuring seasonal produce. Since the distinctive characteristic of their products is the fact that fresh farm produce and milk is used in each of them, Moriyuki Ochiai Architects were tasked with providing a space to attractively display said products by evoking the imagery associated with the farmstead and the fresh high quality seasonal produce and milk, which is a key ingredient of their dairy products, throughout the entire space.

The design of the YUME MARCHE Store (dream market) features the golden sun and green forest associated with farmland. The combination of these two elements lend the store its characteristic palette and create an imagery brimming with the vitality of yellow and green tones, which come together in a signature gradation that spreads throughout the whole space like a wave of colour, filled with lively movement.

Clusters of four-sided fixtures sticking out from the upper part of the wall offer an enlarged representation of a tree trunk's uneven surface, thus lending the space the energy of plain wood conferred by their wooden accents.

The white translucent board of the milk counter describes a wavy line that adds movement. Meanwhile, randomly spaced wooden tiles were affixed to the lower part of the counter and each of them was hand-painted with a slightly different pattern. The size of the tiles was designed to feel conformable to the hand, and attempts to create a counter with a warm and familiar atmosphere.

The wavy contours of the shelves appear to depict a cow's udder or a splash of milk and are intended to foster a feeling of fondness toward the products on display.

Fixtures found at the centre of the store are made up of hexagonal units, which can be freely assembled to accommodate varying quantities and types of produce on sale. It is possible to change the plane configuration of the store by joining these units together into one large merchandise display shelf or spacing them out as smaller isolated stands. Therefore, by changing the layout of the store and its products from day to day, the designers were able to recreate the animated bustling of a farmer's market, while enhancing the shopping experience.

The spirit of the sun and forest run as one through the store like a wave of colour, thus lending the space a sense of unity and creating an imagery brimming with vitality.

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