Sea, sand and sky inside huge sea shells

16 Jun 2014

WTS, Anton Rammers and Grontmij develop temporary luxury beach houses in Sluis

In April 2014, afternoon strollers on a beach in the Dutch province of West Zeeuws-Vlaanderen witnessed an unusual sight: 15 huge sea shells overlooking the Channel lined up in a swirling curve. The beachhouses are the winning design of an architecture competition organised by the municipality of Sluis.

The engineering company Grontmij won the contest with a design made by landscape architect Anton Rammers, in collaboration with architectural agency WTS. They designed a small but luxurious shelter in which the integration of the natural surroundings is most important. As the houses have to be removed at the end of the summer, they also had to be easily transportable.

The main idea was the creation of a huge sea shell that allows the tourist to fully experience the environment with its elements of water, sand and sky. The combination of the outline of the house and its high glass façade makes the environment come into the house. With a white covering and the side and front walls in untreated wood, the landscape architect opted for an authentic maritime outlook making the house fit in perfectly with the natural scenery.

In order to protect the white shell from the heat of the afternoon sun, its walls were well isolated. The skybed is definitely one of the highlights in the house: a double bed partly hanging in the air from where you have a breathtaking panoramic view of the sea and beach.

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