First Montreal scheme for YOO

11 Jun 2014

Utilitarian aesthetic for 96-unit residence in Griffintown by YOO Inspired by Starck

Set to be built in the Future Cultural Corridor of Griffintown, Canada, YOO Montreal designed by YOO Inspired by Starck is a luxury residential development, located at the corner of Ottawa and Young streets. Designs incorporate more 96 apartments over 20 storeys, offering unrivalled views over downtown Montreal.

The architectural concept of YOO Montreal looks to celebrate the history of this vibrant, creative, and historical neighbourhood. Marking the first YOO project in Montreal, the internationally renowned property design company is working in partnership with Maxime Lachance, President of Constructions Chapam.

Philippe Starck, Creative Director of YOO Inspired by Starck, said: “Montreal is an extremely unique city. I don't believe there is anything like it anywhere else in the world. And Griffintown, in particular, is an extraordinary place, an area that is born and reborn.

“The colourful mosaic, cultural richness, and vibrancy of Montreal and its Griffintown district provide the ideal soil for the creation of the kind of fertile surprises that YOO specialises in - spaces and objects designed to open people’s eyes, engage conversation and spark interaction.”

The development will include a pool, hot tubs, fireplace-adorned terraces, and state-of-the-art fitness centre alongside a restaurant which will additionally offer room service to the building’s occupants.

Griffintown's history is deeply reflected in YOO Montreal and the project forms part of the town’s redevelopment. The area began as a residential neighbourhood in the 1800s and subsequently evolved into a thriving industrial community.

Maxime Lachance, President of Constructions Chapam, explains: "In the past few years, Griffintown has been gradually transforming back into a residential area, but it has preserved traces of its industrial history. The materials chosen to create the YOO Montreal project will thus evoke the past, whilst being adapted to the present and designed for the long-term.”

YOO Inspired by Starck’s design concept for YOO Montreal is based on the raw materiality of the architecture of the building, with use of concrete, timber and leather to represent mineral, vegetable and animal - the three kingdoms of nature.

Use of reflection and reflective surfaces contrast against a rough, utilitarian backdrop; polished chromes and sparkling chandeliers are set against concrete flooring, endgrain cut timber patchwork and shuttered concrete surfaces.

John Hitchcox, YOO Co-founder and Chairman, said: “Working with an innovative developer like Chapam, in the vibrant Future Cultural Corridor of Griffintown is the ideal fit for the first YOO inspired by Starck project in Montreal. We truly have created a new style of living the city has not seen before.” 

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