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02 Jun 2014

Megabudka takes first place in Russian Character competition, 'showing that quality architecture with unique style exists in Russia today'

A ‘Russian Character’ competition to generate a conceptual framework for the latest segment of the Butovo Park scheme by Morton Group in the Leninsky District of Moscow Oblast has been won by Russian design firm Megabudka.

The team submitted an explanatory letter with their submission which read: “We fiercely want to carry out this project! For this to happen, we understand that our submission has to be the best - featured in journals worldwide and showing that quality architecture with unique style exists in Russia today!”

The plan submitted by Megabudka was for the Russian Culture & Education Center as part of the Butovo Park residential district. This 250-acre scheme is already onsite, blending residential units with 70 cultural ‘sections’, including theatres, creative workshops, athletics facilities and outlets for the visual arts.

Approximately 80% of the Butovo Park district will be open for public use while 20% will be kept private for the sole use of residents. More than 80 of the 250 acres will be reserved for a landscaped forest park. Morton Group have confirmed that they will realise the winning submission with an investment of 180m Rubles (£3m).

Megabudka’s successful concept for a Russian Culture & Education Center draws on traditional Russian architectural elements such as the ‘dacha’, a small country house, and the ‘dvor’, an intermediary courtyard shared by multiple occupants of a residential property, blurring the boundary between private and public space.  

The proposal employs a number of separate blocks connected by gallery spaces which ‘allows for easily changing the functions and dimensions of each element’ noted architect and competition panellist Alexander Asadov.

He continued: “This should prove useful for detailed planning, construction and - most importantly - use of the community centre. The concept is ‘living’ in the sense that its evolution may proceed in phases, launching the first with minimal delay.

“I recommend somewhat decreasing the number of project elements while increasing their dimensions. This proposal is highly deserving of first place and future realisation. It creatively embodies the notion of ‘Russian authenticity’ in architecture.”

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