02 Jun 2014

BRUNEBLONDE was born from the partnership of two of Hong Kong's best-known hair stylists, with the help of architects One Space. This is the pair's first salon, located inside the Grand Hyatt Hotel.

The aim was to create a salon environment unlike any other in Southeast Asia. It was to be an intimate interior setting of world-class ambitions to serve the enviable client list of these two talented beauty professionals, whilst creating a stylish addition to the Grand Hyatt's retail portfolio.

One Space envisaged a marriage of refined, international luxury and robust functionality. The principal design challenge was to create a setting that ‘feels like home' to the salon's VIP clientele, whilst sustaining the highly demanding conditions (water, hair, chemicals, hot air, and noise) that any hair and beauty establishment entails.

Having travelled the world throughout their careers, the insightful salon founders expected the highest international standards of luxury in this design. In response, the designers created a sumptuous Parisian appartement' setting, reminiscent of that city's grand salon interiors of the 1940s, reinterpreted into a modern architectural language befitting this progressive Asian city's sophisticated clientele. The owners' discerning insertions of their own period-piece antiques, lamps, artworks and furniture complete the picture of this ‘living-room-cum-hair-salon'.

The arrival experience from the hotel's main lobby was totally transformed, with a striking new frontage including polished copper, super-transparent glass and polished black surfaces that embrace a large illuminated photography of a hair model. The salon name itself simply appears as a bronze inlay set into the imported oak flooring at the entrance, giving an identity of sophistication and self-assurance. The salon's material palette is restrained and well-controlled, again alluding to this brand's refined sense of self. The centrepiece is a custom-designed table in turquoise onyx and polished copper.

The transitional area into the women's styling area involves customers passing by walls of hand-crafted, highly polished copper, and line drawing murals by Italian artists Vittorio Locatelli and Carlo Ninchi. The room itself is simple and elegant; white leather styling chairs on natural grey limestone floors and custom designed lighting providing shadowless and high-lux illumination for the stylists and technicians.

The men's styling area is reached directly from the Reception area, and is arranged as in a classic barbed shop, with sophisticated edge. Nuances of masculinity are everywhere; chrome detailing to recall classic automobiles, deep grey leather styling chairs, vintage artwork, books and curios, and stainless-steel mesh wall-covering with machined black-metal detailing, evoking the sensuous materiality of a rugged-yet-elegant timepiece.

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