Shortlist announced for Swedish tower

Thursday 29 May 2014

Five teams vie for 200m+ skyscraper

SOM, Zaha Hadid Architects, Ian Simpson Architects, Wingardhs Arkitektkontor and Manuelle Gautrand Architecture have been shortlisted in a competition to design the tallest future tower in the Nordic region. Anonymous proposals have been released and a winner will be announced on 17 June.

The competition is being hosted by Swedish construction firm SERNEKE with support from the City of Gothenburg and River Bank Development Inc. Each of the entrants was challenged to design a mixed-use skyscraper of at least 200m in height with the intention to reinvigorate a project site in Lindholmen.

CEO and Founder of SERNEKE Group Ola Serneke commented: “It is a great honour that we at SERNEKE have had the opportunity to be involved in developing this prestigious project. We’ve been working on this for almost 10 years so it is extra satisfying that we are able to get started now. The whole company feels immense pride and confidence.”

Excerpts from the jury comments read as follows:

Manuelle Gautrand Architects; Equator Stockholm; Terell; Atelier Villes & Paysages; Bengt Dahlgren 

Exciting architecture with realisable project that also includes a clear sustainability focus. The architect combines structural building methods with inspiring shapes and scales include the environment in their projects in an innovative way.

Ian Simpson Architects; WSP

Experience from similar projects where both high-street and urban planning contract has been concluded with interesting architecture that has renewed and improved the immediate area as well as surrounding areas. The architect is used to collaborations with designers which in this case has special expertise regarding tall buildings. 

SOM; Entasis; COWI

Relevant and well-implemented reference projects with prominent international architectural height. Good knowledge in urban planning and construction of tall buildings with innovative and rational construction methods. Experience and capabilities with extensive experience in similar projects. 

Wingårdhs Arkitektkontor; WSP

With a well-balanced team comprising international expertise and local support expected good architecture with a passion for tall buildings. The architect has respect for the footprint of a tall building and approach the task by a clear reported approaches on the performance of both the higher building and surrounding area.

Zaha Hadid; ÅWL Architects; Ramboll; Gross Max; Professor Lawrence Barth; Werner Sobek

Through research and project experience the architect focuses on sustainability and new concepts for the design and construction of tall buildings. The team has also partially chosen to describe the task from an end user perspective, and shine through the urban strategy to achieve such a vibrant neighborhood as possible. Well thought out racing and engineering organization.  

Key Facts:


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