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Wednesday 28 May 2014

Priyanka & Vin Rathod take inspiration from popular toy for Vivid Sydney installation

WAN’s Sydney Correspondents have been fully immersed in annual art and architecture event Vivid Sydney this past weekend with the opening of their aptly colourful Kaleido-Wall 1.0 installation. Priyanka and Vin Rathod took inspiration from the Kaleidoscope for their glittering artwork which draws on movement and shifting light in its vicinity to create complex multi-coloured patterns.

Kaleido-Wall 1.0 opened to the public on Friday 23 May as part of the Vivid Sydney event and will be on display at Circular Quay until 9 June. The installation is 1.2m deep and is comprises a modular latticework of highly reflective mirrored panels which catch the bright hues of inbuilt LED lights and the patterns projected onto the neighbouring Sydney Opera House as part of the wider arts event.

Priyanka and Vin explain: “Remember the first time you ever looked through a kaleidoscope? Endlessly shifting, glittering patterns of colour, gloriously intricate shapes forever reforming themselves - this simple cylinder of beads and mirrors creates a magical world of colourful perfection and refraction.

“We wanted the reflections to be in three layers. The first one is a kaleidoscope of LED lights. Introduction of LED lights within the depth of the artwork was very critical for this layer to work. The next layer is a reflection of people and their movements. The third layer is the reflection of the Opera House with its colourful projection specially designed for the event. For this, the location and placement are as important as the actual artwork.”

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