Landscape of Loss, Memory and Survival

Tuesday 13 May 2014

Team Lord wins competition for Canadian National Holocaust Monument in Ottawa

Team Lord has been selected as the winning group to design the Canadian National Holocaust Monument in Ottawa. Gail Dexter-Lord, Co-President of Lord Cultural Resources, led the team of architect Daniel Libeskind, artist-photographer Edward Burtynsky, landscape architect Claude Cormier, and Holocaust scholar Dr. Doris Bergen.

On learning of her team’s success, Dexter-Lord said: “On behalf of our multi-disciplinary team, we are deeply honoured to be entrusted with designing the monument to Holocaust victims and survivors, and we are committed to creating a place of meaning and value for all Canadians in our country’s capital.”

The winning design, termed Landscape of Loss, Memory and Survival, blends elements of architecture, landscape and art to form an angular, open volume with a plethora of intimate spaces for contemplation. The bulk of the memorial is comprised of six triangular concrete volumes, arranged to take the form of a star in reference to the Star of David.

A statement from Lord Cultural Resources furthers: “The triangular spaces are representative of the badges the Nazi’s and their collaborators used to label homosexuals, Roma-Sinti, Jehovah’s Witnesses and political and religious prisoners for murder.” The concrete walls will be lined with black and white imagery of Holocaust sites.

Supporting the angular volume will be a pebbled landscape and a forest of coniferous trees which will be allowed to grow and develop naturally, representing the freedom that Canadian survivors and their families now experience. The 0.79-acre site stands opposite the Canadian War Museum.

Daniel Libeskind comments: “I am humbled by this opportunity to create a memorial for the people of Canada. Through the transformative power of architecture, I believe this monument will become an important place for memory, remembrance and the celebration of the resilience of the human spirit.”

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