A café like a small forest has been created in Tokyo. Café Ki opened in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo in Japan, designed by Japanese design office id. The name is fitting for the design; Ki means tree in Japanese. It is a café where coffee and pastries can be enjoyed in a space like a yard or a forest. The pure white space in which the coffee coloured trees are situated only adds their visual enhancement.  

The trees standing inside the café takes the role of tables with legs made of steel. Hats and coats can be hung on the highly extended table legs. Although a large number of people can sit around the large, central table, it can maintain a sense of comfortable distance while sharing with a different group as the wooden branches help to divide the space on the table. Moreover, the legs of the table randomly stand at different heights and those who sit down can freely choose a place to sit. The grove where the trees are arbitrarily standing brings a deeper impression from front to back than the actual space allows.

In addition to designing Café Ki’s interior, Japanese design office id also designed the graphics, uniforms for staff, website and original products, creating not just the restaurant but its entire brand and identity.

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