MAD Architects' scheme starts on site

Tuesday 29 Apr 2014

Chaoyang Park Plaza development designed as though eroded by natural elements

Construction has commenced on the 223,000 sq m Chaoyang Park Plaza development designed by MAD Architects. Set in the Beijing Central Business District, the project will have a marked effect on the city’s skyline as its pair of high rise towers soar 120m into the sky. These two towers are connected by a generous courtyard lobby with ceilings reaching 17m in height.

The development is dedicated to commercial, office and residential units and has been designed to optimise views for all users. Situated at the edge of Chaoyang Park, the project draws inspiration from natural sources, with MAD Architects attempting to strike a balance ‘between high urban density and natural landscape’.

The team explains: “Like the tall mountain cliffs and river landscapes of China, a pair of asymmetrical towers creates a dramatic skyline in front of the park. Ridges and valleys define the shape of the exterior glass façade, as if the natural forces of erosion wore down the tower into a few thin lines. Flowing down the façade, the lines emphasise the smoothness of the towers and its verticality.”

An additional benefit of this fluid design approach is that the ridges draw a natural breeze indoors, providing an energy efficient cooling system for building users. The development has received LEED Gold certification for its employment of natural lighting and air purification systems, as well as intelligent building design.

This perception of the elements eroding natural forms is continued to the four smaller buildings found south of the two main towers. These office blocks have been shaped to resemble river stones, washed smooth and rounded over a long period of time.


Architecture: MAD Architects
Directors in Charge: Ma Yansong, Dang Qun, Yosuke Hayano
Core Design Team: Zhao Wei, Kin Li, Liu Huiying, Lin Guomin, Bennet Hu Po-Kang, Julian Sattler, Nathan Kiatkulpiboone, Li Guangchong, Fu Changrui, Yang Jie, Zhu Jinglu, Younjin Park, Gustaaf Alfred Van Staveren
Client: Junhao Real Estate Beijing Jingfa Properties Co., Limited
Construction Engineers: China Construction Design International Group Co., Ltd
Facade Design & Optimize Consultant: RFR and Meinhardt Facade Technologies
Landscape Design Consultant: Greentown Akin
Lighting Design Consultant: GD Lighting Design Co., Ltd

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