10 properties printed in 24 hours

Monday 28 Apr 2014

Shanghai firm reveals it has 3D printed ten buildings in the space of 24 hours

A short film released by China View has been making headlines in trade publications and blogs this week. The two and a half minute video claims to show ten properties which were all constructed using an innovative method of 3D printing within the space of 24 hours.

The film includes an interview with President of Yingchuang New Materials, Ma Yihe, the inventor behind the cutting-edge 3D printing technology. The mammoth printing machines were used to 'construct' Yihe's 10,000 sq m office over a period of one month and were also used to print the 10 additional properties in 24 hours.

Yihe explains that it takes four printers operating simultaneously to create one property and that the limitations of the technology mean that the roof cannot be printed. The printed material is a mixture of construction waste and cement, therefore offering a sustainable alternative to traditional construction methods.

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