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25 Apr 2014

HIVE-INN concept by Ova Studio combines advertising, recycling and hospitality

The Radical Innovation Awards challenge professional architects and students to conceptualise ambitious proposals for a set brief. This year, the competition requested ‘ideas that will have near-term, positive impact on hospitality’.

Hong Kong-based Ova Studio’s proposal is certainly radical. The design for the HIVE-INN utilises disused shipping containers and stacks them at right angles to one another to form an organic tower with maximum flexibility and mobility.

In order to reduce costs for the hotel operator, Ova Studio suggests the incorporation of advertisement and high-end branding across the façade of the property, enabling companies to brand the shipping containers on the outside and follow this through to the interior fit-out. To demonstrate how this could work, the team has devised interior concepts for Ferrari and Alexander McQueen.

Ova Studio’s competition submission reads: “The premises of our submission lies in the idea of maximum flexibility and mobility, a trend that is embodied in our modern way of life. The hospitality function of our structure is rooted in a migrant society that is embodied by global trade routes and exchanges.”

Plans for the development are not limited to hotel rooms but also incorporate serviced apartments and office units. The flexibility of the design means that companies can sponsor or finance the units and ship them across the world to alternative venues depending on their individual needs.

Each of the containers will be recycled from the shipping industry and grey water will be recycled onsite. Black water and waste from the food and beverage outlets will also be recycled through a methanisation plant at the hotel, creating methane that will be used to run the electrical generators. 

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