£40,000+ raised for Liverpool's urban park

Thursday 24 Apr 2014

Friends of the Flyover hit their target through crowdfunding, enabling feasibility study

An ambitious proposal to transform a derelict flyover in the UK city of Liverpool is off the ground, so to speak. Following a crowdfunding initiative through website Spacehive, Friends of the Flyover have amassed more than £40,000 in donations meaning that a feasibility study can take place to establish the viability of the proposed urban park.

Devised by Mark Bennett, Associate Architect at Michael Cunningham Architects, Steve Threlfall, Tutor of Spatial Design at Liverpool John Moores University, and Kate Stewart, Founder of made-here, Friends of the Flyover is an organisation initiated to transform a disused flyover into a thriving elevated park.

Council documents proposing a new public space strategy in the area include the demolition of the flyover at a cost of £4m. Friends of the Flyover saw this as an opportunity to transform the existing structure in order to encourage social interaction and foster small businesses. The team intend to use low-cost materials in order to complete the project at less cost than demolishing the flyover.

Plans for the ‘promenade in the sky’ include community gardening projects, small shops and kiosks for local businesses, cafes serving local produce, markets, arts and events space, and new pedestrian and cycle channels. There are also opportunities to stitch museum, gallery and library buildings back into the city fabric in an area where they are currently cut off by the infrastructure.

Kate Stewart, co-founder of Friends of the Flyover, said: “We are delighted that so many people have supported this idea and that we’re now in a position to move forward with the next stage of The Flyover.

"The Spacehive campaign has captured the hearts and minds of many people locally and beyond and we are both humbled and excited about the next stage and our newly established responsibility to deliver what is now the vision of so many people. We’re also grateful for the support of the council and the many local and national businesses that have become involved financially and by giving time and expertise.”

Further information about this project can be found here, with additional details on how to contact Friends of the Flyover.

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