Kossmann.dejong has developed the concept and design for the entirely refurbished Wonderkamers (Wonder Rooms) in the Municipal Museum The Hague, just like they did for the original display in 2005. The Wonderkamers, especially focused on teenagers, present visual art, architecture, fashion, and craft and design in a surprising way.

The renewed display is the result of three years of intense collaboration with a multidisciplinary team of educators, game designers, media specialists, filmmaker and stage-set, lighting and sound designers. Interactivity is fully integrated into this 2.000 m2 new exhibition.

Visitors are invited to play the ‘Wonder Game', a physical and virtual three-dimensional game in which the visitors are given the lead as exhibitions makers. The floor plan of the Wonderkamers, which comprises thirteen rooms around a central art depot and a Miniature Museum at its core, changes during the game into an interactive spatial board game. Like real curators, the participants will be tested on their knowledge, creativity, and alertness.

By playing the game with the use of a specially developed tablet (the Wonder Guide) people can navigate through the Wonderkamers. Thereby, every room has been designed around a different theme. You can, for instance, dance the Boogie Woogie together with Mondrian, take part in a fashion show, or learn how to determine the value of artworks. The better you perform, the more artworks you can collect for your own virtual room in the Miniature Museum.

At the heart of the Wonderkamers is the Miniature Museum situated: in around 200 tiny rooms hundreds of original miniature artworks are exhibited, made by top artists from across the world (from the Ria en Lex Daniëls collection). When visitors have completed the Wonder Game they can add and design a virtual room in this Miniature Museum themselves. In the end, your own museum room will be officially inaugurated and you are crowned as curator.

For the refurbishment of the Wonderkamers, Kossmann.dejong tried to reuse the existing rooms and facilities as much as possible. The new interactive tools and equipment are custom made to integrate into the existing space. Moreover, to ease the use and save energy, all the computer servers and lighting facilities communicate with each other via an advanced ShowControl system.

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