'Compelling' concept shortlisted in Hillerød

Friday 11 Apr 2014

C.F. Møller releases shortlisted design for New North Zealand Hospital competition

By 2020, the citizens of North Zealand will receive a new and modern 124,000 sq m hospital to be built in green surroundings close to Hillerød city for the area's 310,000 citizens.

Seven international teams participated from the start. In the first phase, the jury identified three equal winners, who went on to a second dialogue stage of the competition. In addition to C.F. Møller, the shortlist included BIG and Herzog & de Meuron, and the latter ultimately won the competition.

"We remain extremely proud of our proposal , which has received very good response throughout the entire dialogue process - a process that has been a learning experience for C.F. Møller and where we have put all our efforts into solving the ambitious program for the client's expectations," says architect and partner Lone Wiggers. "We are obviously disappointed not to be the preferred choice, but find that our Swiss colleagues beat us to the finish line."

The idea of the new North Zealand hospital has been to create a landmark in line with the Frederiksborg Castle - a hospital where architecture and nature merge and form a safe environment for patients, a functional and attractive workplace and a green recreational haven for all citizens in the area.

The hospital grows out of the landscaped woodlands, and consistently brings people close to nature both inside and out, to create a healing architecture focused on the patient. The architectural expression is therefore also based on an organic, soft and humane design.

The complex is diminished in scale by dividing the building into two elongated curves that mark the entrances to the city of Hillerød in the north, and to the new railway station and urban development in the southeast, thus forming an overall organization of the wards in a soft sinuous shape.

As the jury emphasises: "The proposal's strength is the landscape integration, which ties in very well with the building volumes and balances the stretch of the complex. The horizontal underlining of floors results in a calm and harmonious facade. Here, the link with the compelling landscape design is exemplary."

A public garden promenade, inspired by New York's green Highline, leads into and right through the hospital complex, and makes the building open and democratically accessible to all citizens in the area. Users can follow the path up to the roof and enjoy the view, without compromising the privacy of the patient rooms.

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