A campus that 'lovingly lingers'

Friday 14 Mar 2014

'Academic town' planned for Vietnamese-German University in Bình Duong Province

Work has begun on a Vietnamese-German University (VGU) in the Bình Duong Province of Vietnam, designed by Machado and Silvetti Associates working with Hoang Giang Construction Consultant, Grant Associates and ARUP. The design is the result of a 2013 international competition and will see a sustainable 50.5 hectare campus arranged as an ‘academic town’.

The VGU will utilise the expertise of German academics to prepare students to address Vietnam’s science, technology and socio-economic challenges. The institution is the result of a collaboration between the World Bank, the Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training and the German Hessen State Ministry of Science and Art.

The concept combines residential and teaching facilities with social spaces on a densely populated site, minimising the distance between supply and demand to enable a more efficient infrastructure system. The masterplan incorporates 327,000 sq m of built area including residential units for 12,000 students, laboratories, classrooms, sports facilities, administrative spaces and food courts.

A clear circulation route for pedestrians, vehicles and mechanical infrastructure weaves its way through the ‘academic town’, where residential and academic buildings are devised with similar formal qualities but differentiated by size and colour. Certain elements of the campus will stand out as individual volumes that fit neither of these two categories, such as the library, lecture hall and ceremonial buildings.

Machado and Silvetti Associates concludes: “We present a campus that seeks to lovingly linger in the collective mind of the community as an oasis of learning, a memorable and unique campus, an intelligent campus where the most advanced knowledge is imparted in the most appropriate and pleasurable of settings, a campus to which all will enjoy returning on a lifetime basis, from their formative years onward.”


General Design Planner: Machado and Silvetti Associates
Local Architect in Vietnam: Hoang Giang Construction Consultant
Landscape Architecture: Grant Associates
Engineering: ARUP North America & ARUP Vietnam

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