Living pavilion planned for 2015 EXPO

21 Feb 2014

'The Fields of Tomorrow' pavilion to welcome an estimated 2 million people in Milan

Knafo Klimor Architects has designed a 995 sq m pavilion for the 2015 Milan Expo under the theme ‘Feeding the Planet - Energy for Life’. Working with local architects PRR Architetti, the team at Knafo Klimor Architects has looked to the agricultural aspects of Israel’s history for inspiration in their pavilion design.

The resulting building sports a vertical field as part of its external façade, upon which cereals and basic foodstuffs will be grown. Constructed using modular tiles on a steel frame elevated from the ground, the wall will contain a computer-controlled drip watering system for optimum crop growth.

Within the pavilion visitors will be able to take a virtual tour of Israel and learn about the innovation and technology that sets it apart in the agricultural sector. Knafo Klimor Architects explains: “The cultivation of rocky land, the growth of vegetables in the desert, the invention of new methods of irrigation, the upgrading of seed quality are part of the inception of modern agriculture marked by creativity, dare and achievements.” 


Architecture and general planning: Knafo Klimor Architects
Content concept, exhibition and media: AVS Avant Video Systems
Project management: AVS Avant Video Systems
Structural engineer: Rokach Ashkenazi Engineering Consultant
Energy & systems: Avner Vishkin engineers
Electricity: Rafi Cohen Engineers
Plantation & Vertical fields concept: Green Wall Israel
Local architect & coordination: PRR Architetti
Local structural engineer: Engineering project
Local systems & fire fighting engineer: Rampoldi Progetti
Local safety engineer: Studio La Viola

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