4 shortlisted for arts centre on the Rhine

19 Feb 2014

Black Box meets White Cube in BIG's shortlisted proposal for ArtA Culural Center

Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) has unveiled its first project in the Netherlands as part of a design competition for an arts cluster in Arnhem. Working in partnership with Allard Architecture, the Danish firm has been shortlisted for the development alongside the following teams: Kengo Kuma & Associates; NL Architects; and HH with SO-IL and ABT. OMA was also shortlisted but has since withdrawn from the competition.  

44 teams registered their interest in the competition which is part of a wider development to reconnect the district of Rijnboog with the Rhine River. The creation of the ArtA will create a shared new home for the Focus Film Theatre and the Museum Arnhem. The four shortlisted concepts are open to a public vote until 9 March and a winner will be selected by on 19 March.

The proposal by BIG and Allard Architecture blends two architectural forms - the Black Box and the White Cube. The resulting form is a twisted volume which positions the Film Theatre towards the city while the Art Museum faces out over the Rhine.

This concept stems from the spaces traditionally used for contemporary art galleries (generous, open floor plans, high ceilings and great flexibility) and film theatres (intimate dark boxes that encourage deep concentration and contemplation).

A description from BIG details: "A simple twist of the building volume generates a diagonal public art plaza that connects the ground floor with the roof top. The Art Plaza creates encounters between the various users of the building - blurring the boundaries between art, public life, education and recreation. The building becomes a unique offspring - at once organic and rational, transparent and solid, unique and flexible, extrovert and introvert."

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